It seems strange yet amazing that in a season when the economy of the country is in recession, a period we are encouraged to diversify without aid or financial succour to combat the adversities prevalent in our economic horizon-Dr. Ala A. Ibanibo has embarked on a mission of hope to the teeming masses and to shine bright in these seeming state of hopelessness.

Dr. Ala A. Ibanibo is a man who never despised his days of little beginning but rather through resilience rose to prominence in business and leadership. His heart and actions speaks volume of his philanthropic gestures and passion to always lend a helping hand to young and aspiring ones.

The days of his little beginning gave him a firsthand experience of the plight, concerns and needs of start-up ventures requiring the goodwill of older and more experienced entrepreneurs to succeed. It also positioned him to provide the answers to the many precarious questions confronting young business men and women.

A man of love with an unquenchable passion to see businesses thrive and men plucked from obscurity into limelight, this indomitable radiance of hope is shown in his willingness to share his wealth of experiences with anyone willing to be coached and mentored in business and career. This significant and rare stance in no small measure has endeared him to everyone who has ever met his acquaintance.

On the 11th day of September, 2016 in the city of Port Harcourt will herald the beginning of a daunting but carefully thought-out and prayed through vision to coach, mentor and financially support ten thousand (10,000) businesses over the next ten years through the platform of Global Life-Track Resources Centre (GLTRC).
On this day, marking the life changing take off of this glorious task, 15 businesses will be receiving a timely significant cash loan with zero interest from GLOBAL LIFE-TRACK RESOURCES CENTRE.

In order to herald this unprecedented but landmark event, the maiden beneficiaries of this micro-credit are currently undergoing a series of mentorship, coaching and business support training programmes under the watchful eyes of highly qualified and experienced resource persons.

Dr. Ala A. Ibinabo is not oblivious of the many Google business coaches/mentors without any thriving business to lay claims on, but wants to make a difference through his wealth of experiences garnered from setting up and managing thriving businesses in Nigeria and abroad, and also from management courses and degrees. Some of which include the following:

-Centre for management Development, Shangisha, Lagos;
-Lagos business School OMP 8 -CWC School of Gas & Energy, Mini MBA Houston, Texas;
-General Management Programme of Harvard Business School;
-The CSEP programme of Columbia Business School, New York.

Dr. Ala A. Ibanibo in addition also holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Business Management from the Pilgrim University of Burlington NC, USA. He is also a fellow of the Institute of cost and management accountants of Nigeria.

All the above have qualified him as a much sought after speaker, mentor, business coach and an indomitable business financier globally.

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